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When you think about your spring home maintenance routine, do you include pressure washing on that list? An important part of maintaining your home is getting a pressure washer cleaning or service. Removing grime, moss, and mildew – pressure washing is capable of taking years off of your property’s appearance. At Accelerated Pressure Cleaning, our experts use carefully concentrated water pressure to remove pollutants, dirt, and grime from a target surface. We provide our clients with over 13 years of expertise, ensuring your home gets back to its original shine while keeping your property free from damages.

Not only do our services improve the look of your property, but they serve a purpose as well. Pressure washing creates a safer environment for you and your family as it helps to reduce slippery surfaces. Mildew buildup causes slippery surfaces, especially when wet. Furthermore, we can target this buildup and effectively remove it, so your family stays protected against slips or falls.


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No matter the size of your home maintenance project, you can trust us with your pressure washing needs! Looking for a new way to revitalize your property? Looking for a safe, effective way to clean your vinyl siding? Our team is standing by and ready to serve your needs. Contact us today in Lafayette, LA for your free estimate.