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Pressure washing is an effective way to clean and renew concrete, driveways, and walkways that have been weathered down throughout the seasons. Using high powered, direct water pressure, a professional pressure wash can restore a clean and bright look to your outdoor space. Accelerated Pressure Cleaning brings 13 years of expert pressure washing experience to your property maintenance project. You can trust our team to have your concrete shining once again.

How Does Pressure Washing Work?

If you have noticed a dull, dirty look to your concrete you should consider a professional pressure wash. These machines use high water pressure to effectively blast surfaces clean, restoring a clean and vibrant look to your outdoor space. Pressure washers use a measurement known as PSI that determines the amount of pressure a surface needs. An expert can determine the correct amount of force, depending on the surface being cleaned. A combination of air, water, and pressure can successfully remove grime built up over months of weathering.

Our professionals will survey the target area and can provide an accurate estimate based on the surface being cleaned. From there, our team will determine the amount of pressure, tools, and manpower required to service that area. With our extensive knowledge of pressure washing techniques, we will have your outdoor space looking brand new.


Benefits of Pressure Washing

This outdoor cleaning technique can create a new home look that will leave your visitors stunned. If you have been looking for a way to brighten and enhance your outdoor space, our team can help.

Pressure washing provides a powerful and effective way to remove:

  • Moss
  • Mud
  • Dirt
  • Mildew
  • Grime
  • Pollen
  • Pollutants

Brick, concrete, or cement can look brand new once again after a pressure wash from Accelerated Pressure Cleaning. Additionally, regular maintenance of grime and mildew build-up can help keep your property clean and your family safe. Mildew and grime can cause walkways and surfaces to become slippery, especially after rainfall. This could potentially result in an accident for your family and visitors. Pressure washing clears surfaces of slippery materials, like mildew, creating a safer environment for your family.

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Our team is standing by and ready to service all of your pressure washing needs. With our free estimates and expertise, what is there to lose? Your property could have that new home feel once again. It is as simple as a phone call. Contact us today and experience our exceptional client care for yourself. You can trust us with all your property maintenance needs!