What is Power Washing?

Often, power washing and pressure washing are used simultaneously, however, they are two very different services. Although both machines use relatively the same amount of pressure, their biggest difference is in temperature. Typically, power washing tools have an added heating element that heats the water. Similarly to a pressure washer, power washing is used to remove dirt, moss, grime, and mildew. However, oftentimes, homeowners benefit more from a pressure wash than a power wash for a variety of reasons.

Pressure Washing or Power Washing?

When thinking about giving your home a thorough clean, it’s important to know exactly what it needs. Power washing and pressure washing although similar, have very different uses. For residential property owners, power washing is almost never needed. Due to the added heat element, power washing can actually be damaging to the home. Heated water when applied to softer surfaces like vinyl home lining or a painted deck can result in peeled paint. In these instances, pressure washing or soft washing is often the better choice.

Pressure washing is commonly used on outdoor home surfaces, like decks and driveways. On the other hand, soft washing is typically used to clean the delicate vinyl lining of the home, including the roof. The benefit of pressure washing over power washing is that, in trained hands, there is minimal risk of property damage. Power washing is great for commercial concrete surfaces because there is no fear of damage. Residential property owners can still receive the same results with a pressure wash, with no danger of damage.

Additionally, pressure washing can still provide the same result on a concrete driveway as a power washer. A pressure washer still delivers the same powerful stream of water as a power washer, capable of removing dirt, mud, and grime. If you worry that by choosing a pressure washer you will not get the same clean, be rest assured they deliver the same cleaning effect.

You Don’t Need a Power Wash to Revitalize Your Home

When thinking of ways to spruce up your home, you won’t need a power washer to do so. In fact, power washing is more suited to removing grease and stains in a commercial environment. Pressure washing delivers the same amount of water power to remove grime. Additionally, pressure washing can provide a clean and neat look to your home and give it a brand new look. If deciding to go with a power wash, you choose to run the risk of damaging your property. Instead, choose a professional pressure washing team that brings years of expert experience to ensure your property is taken care of.

Accelerated Pressure Cleaning Can Serve All Of Your Pressure Washing and Soft Washing Needs

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